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An Agreeable Compromise By Jann Rowland PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. You can download the An Agreeable Compromise By Jann Rowland PDF by clicking on the following download link. An Agreeable Compromise By Jann Rowland PDF Download Link. 

An Agreeable Compromise By Jann Rowland PDF Download 

  • The journey to Netherfield Park to help Charles Bingley learn the trade of an estate manager has all the makings of a disaster because Miss Caroline Bingley has long been a thorn in Fitzwilliam Darcy's friendship with Charles Bingley. Darcy won't back down, though, because his affection for Bingley transcends his dislike of the man's sister. In order to defend himself, Darcy calls in his manservant, a man who is just as determined to prevent Miss Bingley from becoming his master's wife.
  • Darcy had only ever fantasised of meeting a woman, therefore he was surprised to see one in Hertfordshire. Miss Elizabeth Bennet was the ideal woman: attractive, wise, clever, compassionate, and with the most stunning eyes Darcy had ever seen. It didn't take Darcy long to realise that she had everything he had been looking for in a wife, only to find himself helplessly entangled in her web.
  • However, the threat of Miss Bingley's willingness to do whatever it took to get her way lingered over his advances toward the woman he was quickly falling for. Darcy was confident Miss Bingley would eventually act, and if she did, her actions would certainly ruin his happiness. Darcy, however, was not without means, nor was he without the will to do everything in his power to foil her plans and find happiness.
  • The book's premise is incredibly intriguing, and it did a great job of holding my interest. But Miss Bingley's rage and will to win Mr. Darcy are the main emotions in the book. I felt unfulfilled. There was little passion other than Darcy's resolve *not* to be captured by Miss Bingley, who had illusions of acquiring Pemberley. There are some significant alterations at the beginning of the story because Mrs. Bennet died while trying to deliver the fifth daughter, who also died. The characters in this book felt a little hazy, and there wasn't much love or romance between Darcy and Elizabeth, which is unusual for me because I usually adore this author.

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