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Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year PDF , Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year PDF Download , Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year using the direct link given at the bottom of content.. Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. Hello friends, today we have brought for you Baba Vanga Preditions List by Year PDF to held the users. Baba Vanga was was a Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist.Blind since early childhood, Gushterova spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria. Baba Vanga is most famous for Prediction for future and which have actually come true. Baba Vanga also called Balkan Nostradamus, He was born on December 14, 1503, in Saint-Remy in France. He left for his heavenly abode in July 1566. Nostradamus is one of the most known astrologers, who is also known as the read seer of the Renaissance. Baba Vanga on the other hand is a Bulgarian mystic who has earned recognition and fame for being blind but predicting many natural disasters that actually affected the planet. Baba Vanga Predictions List PDF 2022 A lethal virus discovered in a glacier Glaciers are melting due to global warming : Scientists will discover a dangerous virus that will spread very quickly, leading to the death of humans and animals.It’s the last thing anyone wants to hear, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, but Baba believed another pandemic, discovered in Siberia, will emerge, caused by a frozen virus that will be released due to climate change. Alien ships will attack the Earth : We will interact with intelligent beings from other planets Alien ships will attack Earth and they will bomb cities and take people captive. Polar ice caps will melt from 2033 to around 2045 and ocean levels will rise around this time. According to Vanga, an asteroid known as “Oumuamua” will be sent by aliens to explore whether there is life on Earth. But they aren’t the nice kind and could take prisoners when they land. A colony on Mars will enable the planet to become a nuclear power, and demand independence from Earth from around 2170 to 2256 Severe Famine : Mankind will be affected by severe famine due to climate change. People will end up eating beetles, leaves or mud. What happens on all continents is similar to what you see in a horror movie. A locust invasion from Africa will affect cereal lands and lead to starvation of the population, also leading to armed conflict between nations. In 2022 there are virtual realities in which we can get completely lost :- Spending time in these virtual realities can lead to memory and learning disorders and can turn people into real zombies.In what might be her most eerie prediction, Baba envisioned that in 2022, more than any other time, people would spend more time in front of screens. Due to our increasing addiction to technology, people will begin to confuse fantasy and reality Vanga has made a bizarre claim that a dragon will take over the planet:- Baba Vanga’s most bizarre prediction is that a dragon will take over the planet in 2021.She is claimed to have said: “A strong dragon will seize humanity. The three giants will unite. Some people will have red money. You can download the Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year PDF using the link given below. Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year PDF Download Link...

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