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Best Friend’s Secret Baby By Ella Goode PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.You can download the Best Friend’s Secret Baby By Ella Goode PDF by clicking on the following download link. Best Friend’s Secret Baby By Ella Goode PDF Download Link.

Best Friend’s Secret Baby By Ella Goode PDF Download 

  • Madeleine has a secret. Five months ago, she met an irresistible man and made a very dumb mistake. She knows that a random hookup won’t want to be saddled with a baby and she’s way too vulnerable in this state to be rejected. Keeping a baby from the daddy might seem wrong, but it’s the best way to protect herself and her child for now.
  • Best Friend’s Secret Baby book pdf download for free or read online, also Best Friend’s Secret Baby pdf was written by Ella Goode. Ella Goode is a collaborator on the Motorcycle Club series along with Ruby Dixon and Kati Wilde. These are novels for when you want all the heat and excitement but can’t have all the time. Ranging in word count from 20,000 to 30,000, these sexy stories deliver a passionate romance between your favorite leather-clad heroes and their incredible wives. Don’t miss a single one!
  • I have a secret. I’m pregnant with my best friend’s baby. One drunken night, one missed birth control, and boom, it’s baby time. I’m thrilled but…Mack is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He’s celebrated my successes and held me during my trials. His family has become my family. If I'm being honest with myself, I've been in love with him for a long time. But if I tell him I'm having his baby, will it ruin everything?
  • This is the first book I’ve ever read from Ella Goode and I must say that I am not disappointed at all. Best Friend’s Secret Baby was sweet, with the right level of spicy scenes as well. Mack making sure that Sunny was always cared for and her needs were met ( what person wouldn’t want that in their lives) and then of course every good book as these amazing must have qualities in its Male main character (possessiveness, romance, and dominance) and let me tell you Ella Goode doesn’t disappoint! Mack will do anything for his Sunshine and no other man better get in his way.Overall I give this book 4/5 4/5 the details well every well written!! I’m so glad this was recommended to me! It’s so sweet and the spicy tension and moments are so good. The end and epilogue had me laughing out loud and relating to so much.Love this novella and will definitely be reading again! There are good parts in this novel. I would say that about most of Ella Goode books. She has the right premise but the wrong intimate scenes. She has all the plot and all the wrong bedroom scenes. I wish I could found a happy medium but the only one I really liked stopped using Amazon to post books (Alexa Riley). This was such a wholesome and cute story. I loved Sunny and Jack’s story, and I hope we get to see Nina and Eric’s story. So much tension. I really loved the characters and the story. I love love stories. Thank you for sharing. I can not wait for the next one. This is just really cute and sweet. I felt like the author compacted a lot of feel good into this little nugget of fun.

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