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The prescience announces the haziness that once pushed the world to the brink of collapse will return. The timing is no happenstance and I can't resist the urge to fear everything directs back toward me. With my legacy uncovered, I at long last know where I fit in. It's not what I expected, however I can't transform it, very much like I can't change who I'm attracted to. A shifter, a devil, a vampire, a heavenly messenger. The stakes have been raised and spirits have been fixed, however the inquiries continue to pile up. As the objective on my back keeps on developing, I'm constrained into the core of a conflict I care very little about battling. One thing is sure - there are greater games at play and I should track down my place among the franticness. However, with my trust on shaky ground, will I continue alone or rest on those separating my walls? The fight for endurance has started. I'm their girl. I can't hear everything except those three words reverberating in my mind over and over. My heart roars in my chest as my heartbeat starts a cadenced, boisterous bang in my ears, hindering everything and whatever else as each individual from the Hex gazes at me in shock. I'm a Divine being. A Divine being. A fucking G.O.D. I don't have any idea what they're taking a gander at me for, one of those two individuals are in this fucking room and he merits the entirety of their consideration. Zeus. My eyes are prepared on him, unfit to tear away from the situation unfolding in his eyes. Gone is the jolly man everybody sees on the TV, the persona he needs to depict, and before me stands a man with a tight jaw, held hands, and frosty blue eyes that part with nothing. A Divine being, our hero, and presently, a double crosser. In the event that I could speak, I would shout for these fuckers to get me down, yet all things being equal, I'm actually lingering palpably, and nobody will take care of me. My eyes hammer shut as I endeavor to take a quieting breath, my mouth cinched shut, yet the disarray over figuring out who my natural guardians are, alongside the pressure thickening in the room, makes them battle. Unwind, Rhea. Unwind so you can get the screw out of the ongoing circumstance you're in.

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