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Fortune Furlough By Jana DeLeon PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. You can download the Fortune Furlough By Jana DeLeon PDF by clicking on the following download link. Fortune Furlough By Jana DeLeon PDF Download Link. Without a murder, it isn't a vacation. In order to have the vacation they have always discussed, Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie are finally travelling to Florida. The only thing planned are days with nothing but white sand, turquoise ocean, and fruity cocktails. But they are forced to put down their bathing suits and switch into investigative mode when Gertie's "hot date" shows up dead and she becomes the prime suspect. They quickly learn that Gertie's boyfriend was engaging in all manner of dubious activity, leaving them with a large list of people who are relieved he is no longer alive. But who actually turned to murder? Another clever and humorous puzzle was offered by Jana DeLeon. Florida is the destination of Swamp Team 3's much-needed and well-earned vacation. As befits Gertie, she tries to attract the attention of every man at the resort, but as you can expect, things don't go as planned. This novel had several great surprises, and the mystery was completely solved. However, I liked that even though they weren't in Sinful, I didn't miss any of the key supporting actors. Carter was involved, of course. I adore this persona. We encountered several new characters, as most people do on vacation, and it truly seemed like a holiday. However, I would miss them if they continued with more than one book. Excellent work, Jana! There is practically no other series like this one, and it makes me laugh nonstop. I know. I looked. I've always liked Fortune, but it's true what they say about Deleon becoming lazier. Now that Gertie is out of control, she is dull rather than humorous. Fortune's CIA skills aren't that impressive, and Ida Belle is a static waste of a smart woman. This was a pretty quick read that read more like a novel than a complete story. There is a problem with the character development. Let's face it; Cecilia (at her residence in Sinful) is not a worthy foe. The "suffering man" who constantly watches the game with Walter has grown to be more entertaining than Carter. Although Team 3 needs some adjustments, Ms. Deleon might not be up to the job. I only enjoy those two books from her.

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