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The Expression "The Years," A Couple of Assembled Shards On The Shores Of An Immortal Sardinia, Is Spoken By A Woman. Annie Ernaux. 
Come accade che il beat che abbiamo vissuto diviene la nostra vita? È questo il nodo affrontato da Gli anni, romanzo autobiografico e al contempo cronaca collettiva del nostro mondo dal dopoguerra an oggi, nodo sciolto in un canto indissolubile attraverso la magistrale fusione della voce individuale con il coro della Storia. Annie Ernaux convoca la Liberazione, l'Algeria, la maternità, de Gaulle, il '68, l'emancipazione femminile, Mitterrand; e ancora l'avanzata della merce, le tentazioni del conformismo, l'avvento di web, l'undici settembre, la riscoperta del desiderio. Scandita dalla descrizione di fotografie e pranzi dei giorni di festa, questa «autobiografia impersonale» immerge anche la nostra esistenza nel flusso di un'inedita pratica della memoria che, spronata da una lingua tersa e affilatissima, riesce nel prodigio di «salvare» la storia di generazioni coniugando vita e morte nella luce abbagliante della bellezza del mondo.
The Account Of Her Story - the Areas From Quite a while ago - Shouldn't Be Finished By The Words Or The Photographs Taken From The Family Motion pictures. A New Light Uncovers The Beach front Mountains, A Seascape, Nurseries, Porches, And Loft Rooms As Impressions Of An Incoherent And Consistently developing Memory. Reassembled And Isolated From Their Unique Setting, The Complexities In Each Activity And Each Face Of Occasions From An Everyday Life Become Expressive Bits Of An Admission That Is Both A Public Portrayal And An Individual Disclosure. I Glanced Through Generally Unused Confidential Novice Film Assortments At Re-outlining Home Motion pictures, Cineteca Sarda's Home In Cagliari.
Subsequent to Completing The Determination, I Got To Work On The Chronicle Finds And Diminished Them To Around Thirty For My Film. After Some Time, I Ran over The Ideal Account For The Sound And Visual Soundtrack I Was Making While at the same time Perusing Annie Ernaux's "The Years." The Decision Of Some Message Pieces Urged Me To Add A Voice That Was Vital for The Story And To Catch Some Really 8 Film Clasps Myself From An Envisioned Current Chronicle. Then, at that point, I Started To Focus On What Appeared to be A Genuine Dizziness - not Time, Yet rather Its Creative mind - and Experiencing All Of Time, Past, Present, And Future. Furthermore, On The Advantage Of Grown-up Life To Add To The Progression Of Time Without Agnosticism Or Outrage.
Voice And Visuals Join To Establish A Distinctive Climate That Takes On New Implications. Everything She Has Covered As Despicable And Which Are Presently Deserving Of Recovery, Unfurling, In The Radiance Of Knowledge, Make Up The Stanzas In The Tale Of A Day to day existence, Similar to A Restored Commitment, Put In The Trade Among Document And Words: "Bodies And Shadows, Little Items, And Scenes From An earlier time." What's in store By and by Opens Up As Her Memory Dynamically Becomes Embarrassment free. Movie Supervisor And Chief. In 2012-2013, Sara Turned into The Principal Italian To Win The Rolex Expressions Prize For Film. In New York, She Filled in As Walter Murch's Protégé. She Helped to establish Avventurosa, A Free Film Creation Business, With Pietro Marcello, With Whom She Has Teamed up For Over Decade As A Film Manager, Specialist, And Maker. She Has Likewise Coordinated Various Short Movies. She Likewise Worked Alongside A. Sokurov, F. Maresco, And G. Rosi, Among Others.

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