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Heads You Lose By Bea Paige PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. You can download the Heads You Lose By Bea Paige PDF by clicking on the following download link. Heads You Lose By Bea Paige PDF Download Link. Monster… Monster in name. Monster in nature. Sometime in the distant past Tales was my home. I was the second in order and the best goddamn warrior the club had at any point seen. I battled. I won. Each. Damn. Time. Until one day I lost attempting to safeguard the princess from the genuine beast of this f*cked-up fantasy. She avoided me, sent me away. Presently I'm back to come clean with her, not some story brimming with misleading statements and falsehoods. I'll take the necessary steps to prevail upon her, since, supposing that there's one thing I know without a doubt, it's that this monster's heart just thumps for one lady. The Queen of Tales. This is book two of Grim and Beast's two part harmony. You might perceive these characters from the Academy of Stardom series. I enjoyed the first more yet I loved their story in general. I was miserable that different characters got a converse collection of mistresses cause those aren't so much for me yet I'm as yet happy we got to perceive how things wound up for them. I would agree that this was over every one of the a decent book. Book 1, Tales You Win, finished on a cliffhanger. I was restless to get into this story. The preamble was befuddling to me, anticipating a recap. This story was quick moving. Many characters from the principal book make bring appearances back. The new characters were advanced and on occasion a suprise. This is the fantasy romantic tale of Grim, FMC, and Beast, MMC. There story is one of affection, misfortune, torment and deplorability. Brutality is the existence they picked. In spite of the fact that, they never lost their humankind. The flavor is 3.5 stars.The finishing appeared to be hurried. The whole story was tied in with taking out the danger of the King. I needed to perceive how they completed him. They were a merciless couple.

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