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Ernest Dempsey seriously loves activity/experience spine chillers and sci-fi. He has been making stories since he was in secondary school however never distributed a book until 2010, long after the times of secondary school were no more. His activity and experience books come from a heredity like Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and James Rollins. While his sci-fi books are loaded with impact from Suzanne Collins' The Craving Games, The Network film, and Combatant coordinated by Ridley Scott. He is rapidly becoming one of the most sultry fiction writers in the book world. Inconvenience is coming to the London underworld.For a task that emerged from the blue, this most recent gig could keep previous Delta Forcer administrator Dak Harper operating at a profit for truly a while.On his way to London to follow a frenzied previous colonel who needs the ex-Unique Powers commando dead, Dak is redirected by an earnest solicitation from his manager, a thirteen-year-old multimillionaire enthusiastically for antiquities.Dak's new task? Find the legendary Welsh Crown, a secretive thirteenth-century curio that has been absent for quite a long time. Whether initially taken by villain or sovereign, the crown presently rests in the squalid little hands of one of London's seediest would-be posse lords.The gig sounds simple enough from the outset - until Dak's objective beginnings a horrendous turf battle with a bigger, all the more impressive syndicate.Suddenly trapped in the crossfire of open group fighting, what Dak trusted would be a basic crush and-get now sets him in opposition to two ruthless teams who esteem cash definitely more than human existence or extremely valuable relics. As the Welsh Crown disappears once more in the midst of lethal road fights, Dak stresses he may very well never get away from Britain with his life, significantly less with his quarry.You won't have any desire to put down this most recent adrenaline-powered experience from USA Today top of the line creator Ernest Dempsey. Weighty Untruths the Crown is the fourth tireless portion in his fan-most loved Artifact Sprinter series. Gifted with a firearm, a master of dispatching hoodlums, and a no nonsense dangerous weapon, Dak Harper is the baddest hero you've at any point met. Kept my psyche on attempting to think hWhat was straightaway. Really delighted in. Dak Harper is trying to say he keeps Me alert constantly.

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