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His Reluctant Omega By Kelex PDF Download For Free Using The Direct Download Link Given At The Bottom Of This Article. Omega Avery Stephens Refuses To Be The Compliant, Submissive Mate He Was Raised To Be. He’s Tired Of Being Told He’s Less Than And Will Have To Wait For An Alpha To Come And ‘save’ Him. After His Fathers Die In A Tragic Accident, He Must Stand Up And Be Responsible For His Younger Omega Brothers. Knowing Their Savings Will Only Go So Far, He Looks To The Future. Avery Will Need An Income And Not The Pittance An Omega Makes. He Shears His Long Locks, Purchases Illegal Scent Blockers, And Lies His Way Into College Under The Pseudonym Abraham Norcross, A Beta. Avery Does Everything In His Power To Prove An Omega Can Be More Than ‘a Womb With Legs’ But When He Comes Across His Alpha, He Struggles Not To Be The Stereotypical Weak And Needy Omega. Yet All He Wants To Do Is Go To His Knees And Beg The Man To Fill Him With A Child. Can He Find A Path Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell-and Still Hold On To His Self-respect? It’s Been A Really Long Two Years For Me. I Think Many Of You Have Noticed The Lack Of Books Over That Period. I Sure Have. I Had No Idea Why The Words Weren’t Coming To Me. I Caught Covid In February 2020 (Before All The Vaccines) And Was Very Sick For A Full Month. I Was Terrified. Thought I Might Die. Recovery Was Slow After. I Assumed Lack Of Words Might Be Lingering Effects Of The Virus. I Even Broke Down And Went To A Therapist-spending A Boatload Of Money (Why, Oh, Why Is Mental Healthcare So Fucking Expensive In This Country?)-searching For Some Reason Why I Couldn’t Write Any Longer. I Thought Talking It Through With A Professional Might Lead Me Back To Who I Was. It Didn’t. I’m A Writer. Words Are What I Do. What I Am. Losing That Felt Like Losing A Piece Of Me. I Grieved That Loss And Spiraled Farther Down. I Struggled For Two Long Years Without Finding Any Way Out Of The Hole I Was In. Then Something Astounding Happened. My Pharmacy Was Out Of My Depression Meds, The Ones My Doctor Prescribed After Covid-as It Was Thought The Meds Might Help With Recovery From Longhauler Covid. (Yes, I’m A Long-hauler. Over Two Years Later And I Might Have 60% Smell And Taste.) I Had To Go Off Meds For Four Days. The First Off Day, I Actually Wrote. The Second, I Wrote More. The Third? I Wrote A Ton. The Final Day Brought Me A Day’s Worth Of Words Close To Where I’d Been. I Reached Out To Other Authors, And Learned Many Of Them Had Suffered The Same Issue On That Particular Medication. They’d Lost Their Creativity, Their Spark, Just Like I Had. All Those Months Of Assuming Covid-19 Had Ruined Me… And The Lightbulb Finally Went Off. It Might Be My Medication! So, I Spoke To My Doctor And We Decided To Wean Me Off The Pills. It Took A Month To Fully Wean Me Off. And Each Day I Took Less And Less, The More Words Came Spilling Out Of Me. I Was Finally Able To Do What I Loved Again. And I Knew Which Book Needed To Be My Focus. Avery And Wilder Sat On The Back Burner For Far Too Long. After Long Two Years Of Forcing Few Words From My Fingertips, Their Story Poured Out Of Me In A Matter Of Weeks. Now, The Only Problem I See Is Trying To Decide Which Of The Many Stories That Have Been Waiting For Me Is Next.

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