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My Scorned Best Friend By Piper Rayne PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. You can download the My Scorned Best Friend By Piper Rayne PDF by clicking on the following download link. My Scorned Best Friend By Piper Rayne PDF Download Link. Clara and Xavier sharing a kiss in a tree That song is the one that your peers always make fun of you with when you're growing up and your best friend is a lady. But up until this point, it was never that way. We've been Clara and I ever since. Only she genuinely understands who I am. I pleaded with her to accompany me after I was selected in the NFL and became the San Francisco Kingsmen's starting quarterback. She did, however, have a life of her own and obligations in our small Alaskan town, so I didn't blame her for staying. Despite the distance, we remained the closest of friends. During the off-season, I would visit her in California when I was playing, and we would hang out in Alaska. Then, one night, the lines briefly blurred, setting off a chain of events that fundamentally altered everything. I regret the choices I took following that tragic evening, and I intend to make apologies because I need Clara back in my life. However, he is neither my best friend or my everything. Since Clara and Xavier's tale has been hinted at throughout the series, I'm glad we finally received it. This is the seventh novel in the Greene Family series, and it has clever banter, likeable characters, and an all-around interesting plot. Since kindergarten, Xavier and Clara had been best friends, but as the book starts, they have been estranged for two years. We learn the events that led to the rift while following them as they work to mend it as they travel toward reconciliation and their HEA. To find a HEA together, they both need to overcome their prior problems, especially Xavier.

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