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Night King 1 By Dante King PDF Download

Vincent Pike always had an aversion to sunlight, one that required him to take pills so he could live a normal life in New York City. But when a date goes horribly wrong, he soon discovers that this sickness is because of his vampire heritage. In a matter of hours, Vince finds himself befriended by a woman who calls herself a Nightweaver, a special kind of vampire with lethal powers. This woman claims that Vince is not only a vampire, but a powerful one known as a Blood Lord. With the powers of a Blood Lord, Vince can form his own coterie of supernaturals. He can make them more powerful through a tantalizing vampiric ritual, but he can also benefit by acquiring some of their abilities. But the arrival of a fabled Blood Lord to NYC won’t go unnoticed. Powerful groups like the Helsing Agency have their eye on Vincent, and if there’s one thing they don’t want, it’s to share power over the city, let alone the world.Good story setup, awesome characters, and a good setup for more-to-come. I was a little shocked that the book pretty much ended the scenario, but than the author threw something new out at the end to take it up a notch or three. If you like vampires, you are going to love this. Just didn’t make sense. The tacked on culture. Ignoring costs. Lot of help with hand waved reasoning. Gatling gun reference? The writing was fun and the progression was engaging at first. After a while the story became a predictable cycle of 1) get a bit stronger 2) get into a big fight 3) miraculously escape 4) go back to 1 but on a bigger scale. I got bored after the third repetition of the cycle. Dante king multiple/quick release making books that could have been great trash.Bad1. he defeated blood lord that had years on him really quick2. Olivia was FN weak like bruh3. super naturals were FN weak against the humans like WHAT! since they are weak against silver but I mean really weak they get shot once and they need to take old blood out and new blood in like WHAT!! humans were basically OP lol.ughhh disappointed. i guess its a good time waster but just wow lol so many flaws in this story it ridicules.

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