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Plano De Governo Do Pt 2022 PDF Download For Free Using The Direct Download Link Given At The Bottom Of This Article. The Current Week's Version Of Center Brasil, Number 64, Presents The Central Issues Of The Brazilian Recreation And Change Program, Which Were Declared Toward The Beginning Of The Earlier Week. The New Version Of The Magazine Likewise Incorporates A Meeting With Lead Representative Fátima Bezerra, A Conversation Of The Latest Embarrassment Including The Mec, And Different Points Connected With The Public Authority, Like The Latest Assault On Soberania With The Offer Of Petrobras To Private Financial Backers. The Laborers' Party Has Not Given A "Socialist Strength Plan," As Guaranteed In Distributions Shared Many Times Via Online Entertainment Beginning Around 2018 And Once Again Coursed In The 2022 Decisions. There Are No Recommendations, For Example, "Nationalization Of The Media And Every Single Strict Telecaster," "Revocation Of The Mensalo Sentences," Or "Articulation That Brazil Is The Underwriter Of The Socialist Nations Of America" On The Site Of The Predominant Appointive Court (Tse). The Counsel To Lula Kept The Presence From Getting Any Socialist Arrangement. The Portion From Distributions Shared On Facebook And Twitter, Alongside Supposed Responsibilities By The Pt Up-and-comer, Says "The Pt (Mis)government Program Is Out." The Substance Is Likewise Being Shared On Whatsapp, With The Advance Notice That It Has Been "Frequently Sent." The Public Authority Plan Of Lula And Geraldo Alckmin's (Psb) Ticket, Introduced On August 7, 2022, Can Be Gotten To On The Tse Site. As Per Viral Distributions, The Arrangement Incorporates Recommendations To "Refound The Brazilian State In A Powerful Of Extending And Radicalization," "Nationalization Of The Media And Every Single Strict Telecaster," "Resistance To Developments Like The Mst And Mtst," And "Revocation Of The Mensalo Sentences." The Message Additionally Notices As Measures, Assuming That The Pt Is Chosen, The "Excusal Of Entrepreneur Priests And The Arraignment Of Stj Clergymen Who Were Supportive Of Censuring Mensalo," The Dropping Of "All Privatizations In Brazil, As Bolivia Did Previously," The "Finish Of Public Funding To Any Media That Is Against The Party," The "Default Of Inner And Outside Obligation", The "Announcement That Every One Of The Eleven Accepted Recommendations Are Joined By The Page Number On Which They Would Show Up In The Public Authority Plan. As Per Viral Distributions, Seven Of These Eleven Would Be On Page 160; One More On Page 129; One More On Page 56; And Another On Page 50. The Pt Lawmaker's Administration Plan, Then Again, Is 21 Pages In Length. A Quest For The Supposed Recommendations On These 21 Pages Yields No Outcomes. A Large Number Of The Issues Are Not Even Referenced In The Report. The Privatization Is Referenced, Yet Not With A Pledge To Drop All Current Cycles In Brazil, Yet Rather To Exhibit Resistance To The "Progressing Privatization Of Petrobras And Pré-sal Petróleo Sa" (Thing 77), Eletrobras (Thing 78), And The Mailing Station (Thing 79). (Thing 79). There Is No Statement In The Text That Brazil Would Be The "Underwriter Of America's Socialist Nations." That's What The Arrangement Expresses "To Guard Our Sway Is To Safeguard The Joining Of South America, Latin America, And The Caribbean, With The End Goal Of Keeping Up With Territorial Security And Advancing A Coordinated Improvement Of Our Locale." The Arrangement Likewise Makes No Notice Of "Media Control." All Things Being Equal, The Message Stresses That "The Right To Data And The Media Is Fundamental In A Vote Based Society, Situated By Common Freedoms And Power," And That The "Subject Requests A Wide Discussion In The Council, Guaranteeing The Guideline Of Systems Safeguarding Majority, Variety, With The Guard Of The Democratization Of Admittance To The Media." In Light Of The Afp's Solicitation, That's What Lula's Consultant Said "There Is No Arrangement For Socialist Mastery" And That "The Pt Administered Brazil For Over 12 Years, Continuously Regarding Vote Based Establishments."

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