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Rabi Crop MSP Price List 2023-24 PDF Free Download

On October 18, the Government Has approved the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for all Rabi Crops for the marketing season 2023-24. It is possible that the MSP for 6 Rabi crops and pulses will be increased by 9%. The move will ensure farmers receive the highest feasible remuneration while also encouraging them to exhibit a diverse range of crops. 
Rabi crop planting begins in October, immediately following the harvest of Kharif crops. Rabi crops include wheat and mustard. The government increases the MSP for wheat by Rs 110 per quintal to Rs 2,125 per quintal for the Rabi marketing season 2023-24.
Barley MSP has indeed been elevated by Rs 100 to Rs 1,735 per quintal, while ounce MSP has been risen by Rs 105 to Rs 5,335 per quintal. The lentil (masur) crop will receive a Rs 500 MSP increase, resulting in a support price of Rs 6,000 per quintal. Rapeseed or mustard MSPs have increased by Rs 400 to Rs 5,450 per quintal for the season, while safflower MSPs had already increased through Rs 209 to Rs 5,650 per quintal. The Minimum Support Price (Msp) Is The Premium At Which The Government Purchases Grains From Farmers. It Currently Sets Msps For 23 Crops Grown Both In The Kharif And Rabi Seasons. The Msp Can Also Be Understood As The Money Paid By The Government To The Farmer On The Crop Purchased From Him. Farmers Below This Level Are Not Compensated For Their Crops.
A Increment In Msp For Rabi Season For The Marketing Season 2023-24 Is Accurate With The Budget Announcement 2018-19 Principle Of Fixing Msps At At Least 1.5 Times The All-india Balanced Average Cost Of Producing.
  1. Hired Human Labour,
  2. Bullock Labour / Machine Labour
  3. Rent Incurred For Leased In Land
  4. Expenses Incurred On Material Inputs Like Seeds, Fertilizers, Manures
  5. Irrigation Charges
  6. Depreciation On Implements And Farm Buildings
  7. Interest On Working Capital
  8. Diesel / Electricity For Operation Of Pump Sets
  9. Inputed Value Of Family Labour
The Highest Increase In Msp Is Highly Suggested For Lentil (Rs. 500 Per Quintal) And Rapeseed & Mustard (Rs. 500 Per Quintal) For Rabi Crops To Be Marketed In Rabi Marketing Season 2023-24. (Rs. 400 Per Quintal). This Rabi Crops Msp 2022-23 Increase Is Followed By Safflower (Rs. 209 Per Quintal) To Help Farmers Boost Their Incomes. Wheat Msp Has Been Raised By Rs. 110 Per Quintal, While Gram Msp Has Been Raised By Rs. 105 Per Quintal. The Smallest Increase Is Seen In Barley Crops, Which Are Raised By Rs. 100 Per Quintal.

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