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Step Bully By Willow Dixon PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. You can download the Step Bully By Willow Dixon PDF by clicking on the following download link. Step Bully By Willow Dixon PDF Download Link. I had to be drawn to the one person I despise out of everyone in the universe. I've never seen a man more attractive than Ash Summers. In addition, he is a complete d*ck, and I detest him more than anything. By the way, I feel the same way about him because all he does is harass me. Did I also mention that he is my stepbrother? When our parents make us room together during our final year of college, messing with Ash is all in good fun. Living in the same apartment as him simply makes me despise him more. before it doesn't. It's tough to recall why I despise Ash until he touches me. All I can think of is how much I need him to repeat the action. Every interaction with Ash gives me a new insight into who I am and what my genuine motivations are, but it also leaves me with an emptiness that I can't explain. Am I the only one that has these feelings? Or is my huge, bad stepbrother in need of a connection just as badly as I am? Step Bully is an MM romance about stepbrothers who go from being adversaries to lovers and realise how fine the line is between them. When these two eventually get their act together, be prepared for very steamy, slightly kinky experiences that turn into a complete schmoop fest. This book was great fun for me! I'm a major sucker for enemies to loves, so this was fantastic and it wasn't a nasty toxic relationship in the beginning, but the initial hatred they both had was humorous and entertaining. Jules and Ash are everything. Their exchanges were so genuine and natural. I liked watching them get to know one another and their quirks. Although the parents were just too awful, it was still an excellent read. And I think it's absurd that they are still attempting to force this awkward, unnatural relationship with their parents after everything they have been through.

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