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The Abolition of Man PDF , The Abolition of Man PDF Download , The Abolition of Man PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. The Abolition of Man PDF Details , You can download The Abolition of Man PDF by clicking on the following download button. The Abolition of Man PDF Download Link. The Abolition of Man is a short book about education and moral values by C.S. Lewis. Its full title is The Abolition of Man; or, Reflections on Education with Special Reference to the Teaching of English in the Upper Forms of Schools. The book originated as a series of three lectures that Lewis, a noted literary scholar, and popular Christian writer, delivered at the University of Durham in England in 1943. Lewis begins by critiquing a recently published English composition textbook for elementary schools. Although the authors of the textbook claim to be teaching principles of good writing, Lewis argues that they are subtly advocating the philosophy of subjectivism—the view that value judgments have no objective truth and express only the personal feelings and emotions of the speaker. For example, the authors of the textbook object to applying the word “sublime” to a waterfall because this statement does not express any fact about the waterfall, only an emotional reaction to it. For Lewis, the view of the textbook authors is dangerous because it denies the capacity of an individual to make moral and aesthetic judgments. In light of this assertion, Lewis argues for the necessity of objective values in education. Children are not born with an innate understanding of the moral impulses they should follow; this faculty must be nurtured in them by their parents and teachers. The training of the sentiments or emotions is important to the formation of a complete, well-rounded human being.

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