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The Emerald Tablet of Thoth The Atlantean PDF Free Download

I, Thoth, the Atlantean, expert of secrets, attendant of records, strong ruler, performer, living from one age to another, being going to pass into the Corridors of Amenti, put down for the direction of those that are to come later, these records of the powerful insight of Extraordinary Atlantis.
In the extraordinary city of Kerr on the island of Undal in a period far past, I started this manifestation.
Not as the little men of the current age did the strong ones of Atlantis live and pass on, yet rather from one age to another did they recharge their life in the Lobbies of Amenti where the stream of life streams endlessly forward. A hundred times ten have I dropped the dim way that drove into light, and as commonly have I rose from the haziness into the light, my solidarity and power restored.
Presently for a period, I slip, and the men of Khem will know me no more. However, in a time yet unborn will I rise in the future, strong and powerful, requiring a bookkeeping of those abandoned me.
Then be careful, O men of Khem, if ye have erroneously deceived my educating, for I will project ye down from your high home into the murkiness of the caverns from whence ye came.
Deceive not my insider facts to the men of the North or the men of the South in case my revile falls upon ye. Recall and regard my words, for definitely will I return in the future and expect of you that which ye watch.
Affirmative, even from past time and from past death will I return, fulfilling or rebuffing as ye have compensated your trust. Extraordinary were my kin in the antiquated days, incredible past the origination of the little individuals now around me; knowing the insight of old, looking for far inside the core of limitlessness information that had a place with Earth's childhood.
Astute were we with the insight of the Offspring of Light who stayed among us. Solid were we with the power drawn from the everlasting fire. Furthermore, of every one of these, most prominent among the offspring of men was my dad, Thome, attendant of the extraordinary sanctuary, the connection between the Offspring of Light who stayed inside the sanctuary and the races of men who occupied the ten islands.
Mouthpiece, after the three, of the Tenant of Unal, addressing the Lords with the voice that should be complied. Developed I there from a kid into masculinity, being shown by my dad the senior secrets, until in time there developed inside the fire of shrewdness, until it burst into a consuming fire. Nothing wanted I except for the achievement of shrewdness.
Until on an extraordinary day the com m and came from the Occupant of the Sanctuary that I will be brought before him. Not many there were among the offspring of men who had viewed that powerful face and lived, for not as the children of men are the Offspring of Light when they are not manifest in an actual body.
Picked was I from the children of men, showed by the Tenant with the goal that his motivations may be satisfied, purposes at this point unborn in the belly of time.
Long ages I abided in the Sanctuary, advancing ever but perpetually astuteness, until I, as well, moved toward the light produced from the extraordinary fire.
Shown m e he, the way to Amenti, the hidden world where the incredible ruler sits upon his lofty position of may. Profound I bowed in home age before the Rulers of Life and the Masters of Death, getting as my gift the key of Life.
Free was I of the Corridors of Amenti, bound not by death to the circle of life. Far to the stars, I ventured until existence became nothing. Then having smashed profound of the cup of shrewdness, I investigated the hearts of men and there tracked down I more noteworthy secrets and was happy.
For just in the Quest for Truth might my Spirit at any point be stilled and the fire inside be extinguished.

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