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The Giant Awakens By Lee Jackson PDF Download

  • Japan has just attacked Pearl Harbor. In London, Prime Minister Churchill disappears. In Washington, President Roosevelt faces an alliance with conflicting objectives. In the Soviet Union, dictator Joseph Stalin watches a Nazi onslaught maul his country. From their isolated perch on Sark Island, feudal rulers Dame Marian Littlefield and her husband oppose their German occupiers in the only way left to them—through a battle of wits. They wonder about the location and well-being of their offspring, Paul, Claire, Lance, and Jeremy. Meanwhile, Paul engages in intelligence operations in Manhattan and Washington, DC. Claire works with Americans decoding enemy messages. Lance conspires to escape with other POWs at Oflag IV-C within the walls of Colditz Castle. Jeremy leaves his heart with Amélie in France to join the British commandos for the greatest raid in history. And in Moscow, the Russian winter has just set in. The saga of the Littlefield family intensifies in THE GIANT AWAKENS, the fourth installment in Lee Jackson's epic After Dunkirk series.
  • The main character in the first series, code-named Atcho, began his career as a reluctant counter-revolutionary leader in Cuba and unwilling spy in the U.S. The odds he faces seem overwhelming as he rebels in the worst prison in the world, goes on assignment by request of world leaders, and tracks down implacable foes. He is his own man, and he bleeds when wounded.
  • This is a much in depth look at WWII beyond history books and documentaries. Being an aged Baby Boomer I always felt somewhat close to the War through my parents. Now I can have that immersion into those events through these books! I have read all the books in the series and this is the best of all! All of the characters have become very real to this reader and I eagerly await the next in the series. Lee Jackson has continued with the story that is as real as it can get. He continues with the Littlefield family. The saga continues with real events with meetings between President Rosevelt and Churchill. This is a story that was hard to put down. There is not only stories about the French Resistance helping to help with getting info to England but also to the story of Jeremy Littlefield and Amelie, Lance trying to escape, Paul who is on the inside with MI 9, to Clair helping out with decoding German Messages. I am looking forward to the next book that is sure to be as spell binding as this one. This is my true ARC review. Having so enjoyed the first 3 books in this series, I looked forward to the newest book. What a disappointment!! This was not a novel of PEOPLE invoved in the war. It was a history lesson. If I want history I can find it but I want to read about the people involved. Jeremy’s escape from Saint-Nazaire is not mention but in passing. Long chapters about meetings with Churchill and Roosevelt – history. Now have my doubts about #5. When you find something, do you keep it? Or, do you try to find the owner? Wouldn’t it be nice if all people were like Allegra who finds an old ring while digging in the Cape Cod sand with her niece and nephew. Seeing an engraving on the inside of the ring, she decides to find out to whom the ring might belong. Her quest takes her to a single lost and found ad from the late 1930s for an engagement ring. So her adventure begins once she has the names of the people.

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