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One island. Two ladies. An excursion to damnation. The Clarke family, Penny, Pole and their two young men, are happy when they are offered an occasion in a top of the line visitor house on a remote and wonderful island. Their lady Anna appears to be a wonderful lady. 
Yet, what the Clarkes don't understand is that this is no irregular greeting, that Anna has painstakingly chosen the family to fulfill her own evil plan. Penny before long starts to detect something doesn't add up about Anna. She frequently talks about her better half and child, however is it odd that they are both away? What's more, that Anna appears to be completely satisfied to be distant from everyone else in this disengaged place? And afterward there's the manner in which she takes a gander at Penny's young men - as though she's evaluating chickens for the butcher. 
Penny becomes progressively uncomfortable and starts to do a touch of digging, which prompts a frightening revelation - she at long last acknowledges what anna's identity is, and afterward she knows precisely why they've been welcome to the island. She additionally knows that assuming she and her family are truly going to leave, they'll need to battle for their lives... what's more, track down the solution to one frightening inquiry - how far could you go for your loved ones? The Lost Kid - the grasping spine chiller from the creator of The Stepson and The Youngster Who Won't ever be. I read this in only a couple of hours. 
The development was great and afterward it was an exciting ride! Presently I have one more creator to add to my rundown This was a generally excellent story. It recounts how sadness can be overcomed and that great can emerge from disdain. "The Lost Kid" is a convincing spine chiller that sparkles for its characters!The book is an alternate suspenseful thrill ride in light of the little arrangement of characters on the material. You have a limit of five fundamental characters, and at first, I considered how the creator could stun me with simply these characters. Be that as it may, the writer composes the feelings and origin story of the characters so well! You re-think every one of their goals and can't help thinking about what's going on. 
Additionally, I enjoyed the puzzling scenery of the Island where you don't have the foggiest idea what will befall them.Moreover, the feature for me was the two principal characters, Anna and Penny. Anna and Penny are direct inverses, and I delighted in how the creator depicted them. What's likewise intriguing is the manner by which the creator made me change my impression of the two characters all through the story.

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