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The Next 365 Days By Blanka Lipinska PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.You can download the The Next 365 Days By Blanka Lipinska PDF by clicking on the following download link. The Next 365 Days By Blanka Lipinska PDF Download Link.
The Next 365 Days By Blanka Lipinska PDF Download
Blanka Lipińska born on July 22, 1985 is a Polish cosmetologist and author best known for her erotic trilogy beginning with 365 Dni (365 days). The first and second novels were adapted into the year 2020 and 2022 films, for which she co-wrote the screenplay and in which she has a cameo appearance. She was born in the Puławy in southeastern Poland to Malgorzata and Grzegorz Lipiński. After graduating from high school, she graduated from the technical college for cosmetics. Before becoming an author, Lipińska worked as a therapist and hypnotist. He likes sport and fitness as well as sailing. Lipińska’s three books are part of a trilogy. They were first published in Polish. An English translation of the first book was published in January year 2021, with the second, That Day, due out in year 2022. The events in all three books take place within a few months. Lipińska said the inspiration for her erotic trilogy was Fifty Shades of Gray and a personal vacation trip to Sicily. She has described her works as the semi-autobiographical. Blanka Lipinska is one of the world’s best-selling authors. Her trilogy has been translated into almost thirty languages ​​and sold in more than a hundred countries around the world with millions of copies in print. She writes more out of pleasure than necessity, and writes for fun rather than money. She loves tattoos, values ​​truthfulness, and values ​​altruism. Angered by her lack of openness about sex, she took it upon herself to start a discussion about the many aspects of love. She likes to say that talking about sex is as easy as cooking dinner. Blanka was ranked by Wprost magazine as one of the highest paid writers in Poland in year 2019. In year 2020 she was listed by the same magazine as one of the most influential women in the Poland. The National Library of the Poland Readers’ Poll lists her among the top ten most popular authors in the Poland and the ForbesWomen magazine lists her among the top women’s brands. her best-selling novel 365 Days is the basis for one of the top-grossing Netflix films of year 2020. The film spent ten days at number 1, the second-highest in the list’s history. The Netflix film 365 Days: This Day also shot to #1 in nearly ninety countries in its first week.

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