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Daniel And Natasha Are The Primary Characters Of This Story, And The two Of Them Are Planned To Meet That Day. Daniel Is Preparing For A Meeting With A Yale Graduate, Otherwise called The Subsequent Best School In His Folks' Eyes. His Future Doesn't Energize Him; He'd Prefer Be A Writer Than A Specialist. He Sheets A Train To Get A Pre-interview Hair style At His Mom's Encouraging. In light of The Train Guide's Small scale teaching About Finding God Over The Speakers, Daniel Gets Off The Train While Feigning exacerbation. He Chooses To Follow The Guide's Prompt While He Has Some Extra Time By Approaching A Congregation, However When He Arrives, The Entryways Are Closed. Meanwhile, Natasha Is Attempting To Keep Her Family From Being Sent Back To Jamaica Around evening time. She Gets The Telephone Number Of A Legal counselor From A Specialist At The U.s. Citizenship And Movement Administrations Office, And She Telephones The Legal counselor's Office Quickly Away To Make An Arrangement. She Goes To Her Favored Record Store When She Has A Couple of Free Hours. Natasha, 17, Gathers Her Telephone, Earphones, And Physical science Schoolwork And Goes To The Uscis Working In Manhattan In spite of Her Mom Patricia's Protests. Her Dad, Samuel, Just Seems, by all accounts, to be Vexed While Her More youthful Sibling, Peter, Happily Loads Boxes While Impacting Sway Marley. They Are Being Ousted Today Since They Are Unlawful Settlers. Natasha Thinks That She Has Another Valuable chance To Convince Somebody To Give Her Visit Access The US. Natasha Is Behind schedule For Her Arrangement On the grounds that Irene, The Safety officer At The Uscis Office, Is Taking as much time as is needed Going Over Her Effects. She Gazes At Natasha's Telephone Case, Which Has The Quit worrying about Collection Cover By Nirvana. Irene Decides To End Her Own Life Subsequent to Paying attention To The Music And Concentrating on Kurt Cobain. She Had Been Thinking about It For Long Time. Lester Barnes, A New Specialist, Offers To Meet With Natasha In the meantime. She Is Horrified By His Lack of concern, Yet Finally, He Gives Her The Contact Data For A Nearby Movement Lawyer Named Lawyer Jeremy Fitzgerald. She Organizes A Gathering For Later On That Day. Daniel Is Presently Preparing For His Yale Confirmations Interview. His Mom, Min Soo, Is Placing Her Confidence In Daniel Getting Into Yale So He Might Turn into A Specialist Since She Was Crushed When Charlie, Daniel's Faultless Yet Brutal Senior Sibling, Had To Pull out From Harvard. Maybe Of Turning into A Specialist, Daniel Believes Should Turn into A Writer. Daniel Decides To Take off from The House Early And Bring The Train Into The City For A Hair style Before His Arrangement Since Charlie Happens To Enter The Kitchen Similarly As Min Soo Is Cautioning Him Not To Be Like Charlie. A Couple of Stations From Daniel's, The Train's Guide Stops The Train And Guides The Travelers To Look for God. Daniel Pursues The Choice To Keep Strolling And Follow Destiny. He Decides To Follow Natasha When He Sees Her Enter Second Coming Records Since It Is by all accounts A Sign. Natasha Observes Her Duping Ex Ransack Making Out With Kelly At The Record Store. Both Natasha And Daniel Are Stunned To Discover That Kelly Is Taking Records. Daniel Blames Burglarize For Taking And Drives Him Off As He Approaches Natasha. Natasha Passes on The Shop Without Acquainting Herself With Daniel Since She Cares very little about Making New Associates. At A Red Light, He Notices Her Getting Consumed In Her Music As He Follows Her Out Of The Store. Natasha Doesn't See A White Bmw Running The Light As She Steps Off The Control. Natasha Is Pulled Back By Daniel, And They Drop, Natasha's Earphones Breaking. Natasha Hesitantly Acknowledges Daniel's Encouragement To Get Espresso With Him And Presents Herself. They Learn In The Café That Natasha Is Jamaican And Daniel Is Korean American; Natasha Preferences Science, However Daniel Is On a fundamental level A Writer Who Immovably Has confidence In Genuine Love. He Explores A Review That Purportedly Uncovered 36 Inquiries That Might Make Two Individuals Become hopelessly enamored And Takes steps To "Deductively" Make Natasha Experience passionate feelings for Him.

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